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Sacred Places: Rediscovering The Churches of Rome

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A beautifully illustrated guidebook to the churches of Rome, organized by "walks" for the savvy traveler.

The small size of this pilgrim's guidebook belies the tremendous amount of detailed content it contains. Smartly organized and ergonomically designed, Sacred Places: Rediscovering The Churches of Rome colorfully depicts these treasure troves of art and history with the all-too-rare resonance of a faithful Christian's voice by author/historian and photographer Greg Pulles. It's organized for you in eleven "Walks" rather than chapters. Each "Walk" provides satellite views of the area around each church and a map, as well as a diagram detailing where various treasures are found within each building. The guidebook offers other features for the traveler, including a pull-out map of the city neatly located inside the back cover. The "Gallery Section" contains photographs of great works of art, organized by the artists and identifying each church housing particular pieces. Other sections include a short history of the city of Rome, an historical timeline, a short biography of each major artist, a list of the "Station Churches" of Rome, and a guide to Latin inscriptions and the papal shields.
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Page Count291
PublishedDec 31, 2017
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