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A Bridge of Mercy

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Noted theologian Dr. Robert Stackpole offers an easy-going, thoroughly researched overview of the Church's teaching and pastoral wisdom on homosexuality.

Christ loves us all, unconditionally, just as we are, in the midst of our sins and our brokenness - but He loves us too much to leave us that way.

Noted theologian Dr. Robert Stackpole points the way to Christ's bridge of mercy for people with same-sex attraction, a bridge of incredible grace and love, to be sure, but also one with guardrails, with unchanging moral teaching, based on the truth about human nature and the conditions for divine adoption into the family of God.
The true teaching of the Church, both for homosexuals and those accompanying them on the way to sanctity, needs to be heard more and more, lest the voices of dissidents on the one hand or hard-hearted Pharisees on the other drown out the true voice of the Church, in whose prophetic witness love and truth can never be separated.
Bringing together an array of testimonies from gay people, the authoritative teaching of Scripture and Tradition, and the conclusions of scientists, philosophers, and those who minister to gay people, this is a tremendous resource for everyone who wonders why the Church teaches what she teaches, and whether her moral code is either believable or livable in the modern day.

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Author GeneralRobert Stackpole
Page Count240
PublishedMar 14, 2018
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